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Lyndsey Reiki Master And Teacher

Hi I’m Lyndsey, thank you for visiting my website.

I’m a qualified Reiki Master/Teacher and I live in the market town of Blandford Forum commonly known as Blandford in Dorset, England, sited by the River Stour about 13 miles (21 kilometres) northwest of Poole.

I was initially introduced to Reiki when my beloved dog ‘Babe’ (Pictured) suffered badly with a skin complaint and my other dog ‘Dolce’ had spinal problems. (Read Dolce’s story in Animal Reiki)

After a lot of study and research, I came across a lady who had managed to heal her horse using Reiki and wondered if it worked for dogs. Having researched it, I discovered that yes indeed it would work for almost all animals as well as humans.

That was it, I made it my mission to learn this healing art. Both Babe and Dolce had been on medication from the vets for many years but somehow, it just never ‘cured’ their problems just stopped it getting worse.

Babe’s skin complaint after much testing was diagnosed as an allergy to dust mites. As most of you will know, that’s a very difficult problem to eradicate!

Long, long story short, that was my introduction to Reiki and fast forward to now, I have qualified as a Reiki Master/Teacher and am offering my services to others that might need my help.

As for Babe, she is a much calmer dog (those of you who own a bully (Bull Terrier) will know what high energy dogs they are)) and her skin continues to improve.

Animal Reiki - Babe calm after a Reiki session
Babe chilled after a Reiki session

I almost forgot to mention that Babe is on ZERO medication now. I have been working closely with Kevin my vet to reduce the drug quantities and now finally she is free of steroids etc etc.

Poorly paw much better now!
Skins much better now – I’m a bit red from over heating – in bed too long!

This is the most she gets now, just a little mild heat rash…

Reiki treatment room blandford forum 1

I have my own treatment room in Blandford Forum, Dorset which is specially designed to provide a relaxed calming atmosphere for you to experience your Reiki treatment.

But if you don’t live nearby or you are unable to travel I also practice ‘Remote Distance Reiki Healing

Reiki treatment room blandford forum 2

So that’s a little about me, obviously there’s a whole lot more in between having poorly dogs and becoming a Master and Teacher of the art of Reiki. I just thought I’d share how I got introduced to this ancient art and hopefully inspire you to either do the same or seek it out if you are in need.

I have qualified in four levels of Reiki study…

  1. Shoden – Shoden is a Japanese word meaning ‘first teachings’.
  2. Okuden – The Japanese word Okuden holds the meaning ‘Hidden’ or ‘Inner teachings’
  3. Shinpiden – Shinpiden 神秘 伝 is Japanese and means ‘transmission of the spiritual mysteries’
  4. Reiki Master/Teacher – When I took the Master Teacher degree I took responsibility for assisting others on their spiritual paths. I learnt the attunement process by which I attune others to the sacred Reiki energy and I undertake to support them on their Reiki paths.

If you would like to know more about my story or have any questions at all, please feel free to get in touch…

The intended benefits of Reiki for dogs is for physical healing, psychological treatment, and general wellness. It may relieve tension or alleviate fears, giving your dog a sense of peace and relaxation.

Some note that pain relief and rapid recovery resulting from treatment, aiding the body’s natural healing process. Whether it’s a behavioural disorder, injury, or arthritis.

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