Thank you very much for choosing me as your Reiki healer. I am thrilled to be able to help you…

Below are my guide prices I charge for treatments.

If you are unsure what it is you need or you require something not listed, just mention this in your message. Please feel free to leave your telephone No. if you would like me to call you back…

Alternatively, plase call me on 07921 541636 to discuss your requirements – Thankyou!

Full session: £40 for 1 hour (first session will be 90 minutes as includes a body scan, if required). Laying down flat on a healing bed.
(Crystal healing treatment £45).

Seated session: £40 for 60 minutes (ideal for anyone in a wheelchair or unable to lie flat, or you may just prefer to sit.

Remote-Long Distant Reiki: £25 for 30 minutes (first session will include a body scan if required, so will take a maximum of 45 minutes, at no extra cost.

A body scan determines where abouts your body is suffering energy blocks. Always a good idea to rescan after 4-6 sessions to recheck energy blocks to see how well your body is healing itself. Any more information required please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Under special circumstances I would be happy to arrange a home visit for anyone who is unable to travel to my treatment centre.

Small animals from £10 (Dogs, cats, rabbits, reptiles, birds).
Time frame will depend on your animals needs, please message me for more details.

Large animals from £20 (Horses, dogs, farm animals). Time frame will depend on the animals needs, please message for more details.

I am more than happy to work with all animals.

There is an extra charge of 40p per mile to cover travel expenses.

Please note I am fully insured to work with people and animals. Please contact me for more information.

Thank You!

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